Einsteinbarbie, the band surrounding author and poet Stella Bergsma, mixes pop, rock, hiphop and whatever they feel like, to a hallucinogenic, unbeschreiblich weibliche cocktail.

They want to make you the tastiest music possible, so you can relax after a hard day's work and dance to some pure and unadulterated Nouveau Fucque. Yes. You heard it right & you heard it here first. Nouveau Fucque™.

The band is currently working on a new album.

Einsteinbarbie logo

What DO OTHER People say?

"Those EinsteinBarbies are weirdos, but it was terribly good what just happened there."
Rob Stenders

"This is só good!!"
Leo Blokhuis

"This is the future of rock 'n roll. What a smash hit."
Jaap Boots

"Stella's lyrics are amazing. They sometimes make me jealous, and I don't get jealous very easily."
Ronald Giphart

"EinsteinBarbie proves that music can be very sexy."
Stacey Rookhuizen

"A damned well-shaped smarty pants."
Eindhovens Dagblad

"More of this, EinsteinBarbie, more of this!”

"Holland, I give you Einsteinbarbie!"
Ad Visser

Let me introduce to you:


Stella Bergsma

Vocals, lyrics

When she talks, you listen. When she sings, you listen. When she's gone, you'll talk about her.

Steven de Munnik

Piano, music

The Einstein behind the Barbies. The lama's pyjamas, the bee's knees.

Ivo Schouten


Best bass player in the Netherlands. Very modest about it. Essence of cool. Eau d'Ivo. Put it on.

Aljo Leijdekkers


Best guitar player in the Netherlands. Ego to match. Thinks Marilyn Monroe would have done him.

Bart Meeldijk


Pretty dude plays pretty good drums. Come and watch him take his shirt off at our gigs.



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